‘The Simpson’s Trust’, set up 99 years ago!



What is it?

The Simpson’s Trust is a registered charity who award small grants to deserving, elderly, infirm and those people and families experiencing financial hardship. They need to reside in the Old Malton, Malton, Norton and surrounding area to qualify for financial support.



How did ‘The Trust’ originate?

On the 4th April 1924, a lady by the name of Sarah Elizabeth Simpson of Norton, put aside a sum of money to be managed and invested wisely by a committee of trustees. The present trustees meet regularly to administer requests and decide the amount of money which should be granted.



Examples of grants awarded

  • Assistance for pupils to attend school educational visits and other essential curricular activities.
  • Funding of holiday play schemes during the school holidays.
  • Assistance with nursery fees when parents were incapacitated.
  • Contribution towards the senior citizens Christmas events.
  • Various household items for families in difficult circumstances.
  • Help towards travel costs for those receiving hospital treatment and having to travel long distances.


We wrote to voluntary organizations and health professionals to highlight the existence of The Trust and many requests have been received from this source. It is important to note that we grant small amounts only.



How do I apply?

It is preferable to apply in writing to the Secretary or any of the trustees (whose names can also be found on the

Charity Commission Website). However, if the request is urgent, then please contact the secretary, who will contact the other trustees to discuss your request.